No one is unaware of the power of Pvt. Ltd. company and today we achieved it. We are excited to announce that since our journey started, we have been successfully registered ourselves as Ecode Dash Pvt. Ltd. within a year. Limitless efforts and teamwork have brought us to a remarkable stage to serve on a voluminous platform.?

Starting our journey with various failures has never hit our confidence and today within a year we are stunting with a team of 40+ expertise together. Initial work with the website development and maintenance has changed to App development, wearable device creation, IoT, blockchain, and digital marketing as well. We are continuously growing our skills, team, exposure, and client’s business to make a loud hummer in every corner of the Digital World.

An inner assurance comes when clients are proud of us, and a healthy environment we live when we are proud of our team. Both are just maintained by a thin line but play a very crucial role in businesses. We have already stepped into US and UK; soon our set-up will also be operational.

Tech support and consultation have built a trust which allows us to maintain a long-term relationship with our clients and this directly reflects on their business growth too. We have delivered 64+ projects to date from day one of operation and 55% of clients are continuing with us on different sectors of IT services; the rest are maintained on the AMC cycle.

Everyone says “don't look back”, but we say look backward and ascertain to be confident, enthusiastic, immovable, motivated, and demanding for your goals, passion, and good deeds. Past doesn't matter but your future from that past matters. ECODE DASH Pvt. Ltd. is on a never-ending journey on the path of a better experience, deliverance, flawless supports, and many more.

Apart from all the above-mentioned services, we are exploring more with time and technologies. With our most experienced and talented team, our business is growing at an energetic speed. We are very much thankful to them and their support in our journey to success.

Various milestones are on our road map to achieve with all your support. A successful path is never hurdle-free, and we wish to cross this hurdle with all your best wishes and support.

Ecode Dash