There's a significant probability that your IT staff is overworked and full packed with tasks. It makes sense to outsource your software development in this situation. However, for the relationship to succeed, you must choose the ideal partner to offshore software developmen t to. Definitely, outsourcing software development to India is a good way to lighten the volume of work of your IT team.


The Stats

India is among the most technologically developed nation in the world, offering offshore services that are accessible around-the-clock, cutting-edge technology, and specialised IT and software solutions . Banking, insurance, finance, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries gain from Indian outsourcing.


According to GILD, when put through extensive testing and programming exams, Indian programmers outperform American programmers in Logic and Math.

By 2024, India will have the highest developer population in the world. The number of software developers and degrees in computer engineering is rising significantly in India.


By 2025, the Indian IT sector hopes to increase its current USD 150+ billion turnover to USD 350 billion. Additionally, India continues to have the largest base of software engineers and the quickest rate of growth globally.


With a focus on cross-platform development, Indian developers are skilled in a wide range of software tools and methodologies, Technologies and languages. With Android and iOS dominating the market, native development is now possible in the business. On the contrary hand, cross-platform software is becoming more and more popular. Indian software developers can create both cross-platform and native web and mobile apps.


With a share of 31.35 percent, Python is one of the most commonly used and well-known languages in India. Java , however, is in second place with 22.16 percent of the vote. For instance, the respective percentages for JavaScript, C#, C/C++, and PHP are 9.87%, 8.12%, 6.67%, and 6.4%. Languages like R, Kotlin, TypeScript, react.js , and others make up the remaining 15.43%.


The aforementioned statistics clearly show why India is the industry leader in custom software development ! We now examine in greater detail why choosing to outsource software development to India in 2023 is the smartest choice you can ever make! Also, how precisely did India become a popular location for developing custom software.

1. Cost-efficient

The advantages of outsourcing's cost-saving features are typically thought to be beneficial. Whenever you outsource, you don't just save money on their upkeep but also on setting up your own workforce, equipment, and software. But there is an additional cost-saving advantage to outsourcing Best IT compnay in Ahmedabad, India. There are many software development sectors and hence Ecode Dash engineers, has led to a very competitive market.

2. A huge human resource pool

Each year, 300,000 graduate students and 3.1 million graduates are produced in India. India generated 1 million degree holders in 2021. With such a large pool of engineering personnel at its availability, India has a significant ability to accept large projects for software development.

Despite having a very youthful population, India may have an ancient civilization. Naturally, a large portion of India's workforce is also young. This indicates zeal and fervour. India has a population that is more than 50% younger than 25. India has a lot of young, brilliant engineers to offer the application development insourcing sector.

3. Modern IT infrastructure and current technology

Although India is still a developing country, it is challenging to compete with India in terms of technology and infrastructure for application development . India has drawn several domestic and global investments in IT thanks to its sizable technical resource pool, aptitude for IT, and competence in software creation. Technological infrastructure and innovation are the consequence of expenditures.

India is a popular outsourcing location for increased custom web development solutions, software development services, , and mobile app development alternatives thanks to its abundance of young, skilled engineers and world-class infrastructure.

4. 24-hour availability

When outsourcing software development to India, one can worry about the difference in time zones. however Indian developers take care of this real consideration by offering 24/7 service. India has enough workers, infrastructure, and resources to work on web and app programming in rotating shifts and to offer round-the-clock support. Continuous development boosts output and guarantees on-time delivery.

5. Global Mindset

Indian IT companies adopt a western business strategy and way of life. The programmers are committed and motivated to finding solutions, coming up with fresh concepts, and contributing significantly to the business's success. Because there is no rigid adherence to structure, the developers have a sense of independence and freedom in their work.

Indian software specialists are renowned for offering services around-the-clock, every day of the week. This pattern increases output and guarantees on-time delivery of high-quality goods.

Indian programmers find it simpler to speak with and interact with folks in other time zones than their counterparts in Europe and the United States, where time differences of just a few hours make it challenging.

6. India has a unique and diverse working environment.

There are developers in India who specialise in technologies such as blockchain, cyber security, artificial intelligence, big data, IoT, and machine learning. This is because of the sizable young population, that annually produces more than 800,000 graduate students in computer science. To meet a range of needs, they offer a varied collection of services.

Organizations worldwide are starting to consider outsourcing software development to India. There are numerous benefits to outsourcing software development to India. They arrive as a whole bundle, ensuring the smooth operation of all the company's software components. Naturally, a lot of this depends on your contract and the kind of services you get. However, the overall impact of sending software development work to India is greater than anyone could have imagined.

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